Copy Trading on the CTrader Platform

Copy trading is a high risk strategy for generating income. Your capital... potentially all of it, is at risk. The CTrader platform has grown in popularity and offers investors (copy traders) an easy way to access this merging asset class, if we can call it that.

The steps specified below can go someway t reduce or mitigate that risk, but it isn't possible to remove risk when it comes to trading... any kind of trading, especially if it's FX currency market related.

How to Search & Select Traders to Copy of CTrader

Use the following link in conjunction with the screen shots below to select traders (or strategy providers as they are known on the the ctrader platform).

I user the following Ctrader search filters. An arguably improved search would raise the "Own Funds" to 5K or higher: -

Check book soon for an accompanying video on CTrader strategy provider searches.