FreeWebStore Ecommerce Shop Review

Free Web Store is an e-commerce platform that offers a basic e-commerce shop for free! Not bad at all.

Good starter store builder, easy to learn and implement with an array of tools for customisation. Free for the first 20 products so you can test drive an idea or product line before upgrading to a more professional package with more products and marketing features.

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NO CONTRACTS. There are no minimum terms or secret cancellation fees. You upgrade whenever you like and you can cancel whenever you like. You are in charge. You can even change between packages as often as you like. So your store grows with you.

FREE MONTH HOSTING. If you choose to pay for your hosting annually instead of monthly then you receive a full month of hosting free of charge!

FREE DOMAIN NAME. Upgrade to the Professional Package or higher and you will receive a free domain name. Domains have a big impact on sales. Stores on domains sell a lot more.

Any Cons? I would like to see a broader choice of better designs or themes for their shop fronts.

All in all, I am not aware of any other provider that allows you to set up a live webstore with lifetime free hosting… even if it is only for 20 products. I found their support to be excellent, they will also create a domain for the store for a small fee, or they can point an existing domain you own to the store for free.

Go ahead give it a try …it will cost…nothing!

>>> Check out their packages >>>